<h1>WiFi Support Services</h1><h2>A connection you can rely on</h2>

WiFi Support Services

A connection you can rely on

WiFi Installation

WiFi Installation

WiFi upgrades made easy

WiFi upgrades made easy

Broadband to suit your family

Broadband to suit your family

Fed up with a poor WiFi signal?

Let us help you find the right WiFi Solution.

Trying to understand the jargon we hear can be very difficult. Why not give Herts IT Service a call and let our team listen to your WiFi requirements, then give you a jargon free solution. We can make a home visit to survey your current setup, plan a solution to your problem and install any new equipment you need.

Do you you have "dead spots" around your house or you can't get the WiFi in the garden? Let us assess your requirements and as appropriate recommend what you need to resolve the issue. It often isn't as impossible as you imagine.

Cannot Connect To WiFi?

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Do you need to upgrade your WiFi?

Is your WiFi able to cope with your growing families requirements?

We are all so dependant today on our electronic devices to communicate with our friends and family, research questions, play games, watch films, read books and now with smart technology we can turn on the lights when we aren't even at home!

This is all amazing until it stops working!

Here at Herts IT Service we can assist you with advice on the best way to upgrade your current setup so that you have the most appropriate bespoke service to take you forward. We pride ourselves on listening carefully so we can offer you exactly what you need. We do not just fit a standard package as no two families have the same requirements.

We look forward to helping your family soon!

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No question is silly and no problem is too small for us to help

Are you paying too much for your Broadband?

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With all the technology we use in our homes Broadband is now essential. When you buy a Broadband service you often must accept a package deal or just go with your current provider because it is easier than trying to find a new one. This means you may be paying for services you don’t really want or need, sometimes paying far too much and therefore are wasting your hard-earned money.

Here at Herts IT Service we will listen to your requirements and give you a great quote just for what you want.

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