<h1>Friendly Support</h1><h2>Need a new computer or laptop?</h2><p>We will help you setp-by-step</p>

Friendly Support

Need a new computer or laptop?

We will help you setp-by-step

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Need help buying a new laptop or computer?

So we all know walking into a PC shop can be a little daunting with all the options available to us. Well fear no more, we walk you through the process step by step to ensure you get the right laptop or computer for you. By listening to what you use the PC for, we can offer you a computer that fits your needs. So no more worries about RAM, HDD, Graphics cards Etc. Lets make it simple and get it right!

So, whats the next step? Just pickup the phone and lets have a chat. We will work out the best computer or laptop for you and let you know the best options for you. That way, you get the right computer and most importantly the best price for you.

Try our setup service

Do you know what the P stands for in PC? Well its Personal. We like to add a personal touch to our service and with that we install, configure and setup you new computer with everything you might need. Office Suite, Anti-Virus, specific software are just a few ways we can help your transition from old to new be that little bit easier.

Our new computer setup service is completely flexible, we will do as much or as little as you'd like. For the novice PC user we can custom label icons to make using your new computer so easy to use.

Why Herts IT Service

We love offering a service to you that we'd want ourselves and that's just what we do. Over the years we have really worked on our customer services and we have found that aftercare is just as important as getting you the right computer. Our aftercare is just what you'd need to make a secure and informed purchase. Why go anywhere else, we have your back

  • 3 months, no quibble guarantee

  • Bespoke transfer and configuration service

  • Unlimited telephone support

  • Advice you can trust

Remote support

Remote support

We are here to helpAll newly setup computers come with our remote support software

We are here to help

All newly setup computers come with our remote support software

By your side, supporting you 24/7

By your side, supporting you 24/7

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