<h1>Data Recovery Service</h1><h2>No Fix, No Fee</h2>

Data Recovery Service

No Fix, No Fee

Standard Data Recovery

£130 + Media

Advanced Data Recovery

£230 + Media

Collection Service Available

Call for cost

Keeping it simple - You are in safe hands

We like to keep things simple and fair. Our data recovery service is designed to ensure that we get the best chance of getting all your data back. Most importantly, if we don't, we wont charge you a single penny.

Help us, Help You

To give us the best chance in retrieving your data, send it over to us as soon as possible. Try not to use free data recovery software as normally, this will reduce the likelihood of success. Also, turn you laptop or computer off as soon as you notice the data is not where you would expect it

What We Can Recovery

With data being saved to so many different devices, our recovery service can handle most

  • Laptop hard drive data recovery

  • Computer hard drive data recovery

  • SD card data recovery

  • SSD hard drive data recovery

  • Mac Book hard drive data recovery

  • Tablet/ iPad Data Recovery

  • Mobile Phone & iPhone Data Recovery

  • RAID/ Server Data Recovery

Simple Data Recovery Service

With our simple data recovery service we use software to repair and recover your data. Our technicians will evaluate and plan the best route of action to ensure that we get as much of your data returned to you. We always copy your data to a new storage drive to make sure everything is safe and sound.

We can also help out further and plan how we can get your device back up and running. Often, data is recovered from computers and laptops with failing hard drives. Let us help you get back to normal and get you device healthy again.

Advanced Data Recovery Service

If your storage drive is a little more damaged, it may require a more advanced data recovery process. If your hard drive has been dropped or perhaps it clicks, this could indicate an advanced data recovery service is required.

Recovery Media

If we are successful in recovering your data we will transfer it back to you on a secure hard drive. You are more than welcome to provide your own hard drive or we can provide one of a suitable size. Additionally, we can offer our services further to ensure that we get your damaged laptop or PC back up and running with the data recovered.   

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