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We offer a tailored analysis and installation service for home WiFi networks.

Are you having issues with your WiFi network?

We can help improve the reliability & strength of your wifi signal around your home or office.

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Need a helping hand?

Why suffer with slow, patchy WiFi around your home? Here at Herts IT Service we believe it's your right to have a good connection for all the devices in your home. With this in mind, we have a range of solutions that can really improve the WiFi in your home.

Getting it fixed

The best way to ensure you get the most out of you home network is for one of our technicians to come and have a look. It's important for us to understand whats going on in your home, are you working from home, do you have games consoles or are you streaming films online. All of these factors can effect the way we plan our attack on your WiFi problems.

We are also very conscious that you live in a home and not an IT office, so the first thing on our mind is practicality and intrusiveness. We like to ensure you have a nice, tidy and clean solution so no cables running around the place, no massive boxes dangling around, just fast reliable WiFi.