<h1>Business WiFi Support</h1><h3>Fast, Reliable, Monitored WiFi systems. Solid coverage for all your team.</h3>

Business WiFi Support

Fast, Reliable, Monitored WiFi systems. Solid coverage for all your team.

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Get Connected, Stay Connected

Whether you require a large scale wireless network across buildings or you need a small office connected, you've come to the right place. Our Business grade WiFi solutions take wireless connectivity to the next level. A fast and reliable WiFi connection is critical to keeping all your devices online.

Our Solutions are all custom designed and tailored to your businesses requirements. We look closely at  who will be using your WiFi connection and where they will be using it. With this information we can create a powerful, secure and impressive WiFi experience.

Guest WiFi Access

Now, this is where the clever stuff start. WiFi has now become a need for people rather than a want.

Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, the list goes on. Our WiFi solutions can put your business above the rest on service with our bespoke WiFi connections.

Using captive portal solutions and other clever networking we can ensure your business and your customers are both safe and sound while accessing the internet. With advanced security settings, we can ensure no one can access your business files and other important data.

When you're with Herts IT Service, you are with the best and so are your customers.

Monitored Wireless Services

We strongly believe that a monitored network is a productive network. We use specialist networking equipment which allows us to keep track of your network access points and actively prevent and fix issues quickly.

Our Monitored WiFi solutions allow us to remotely access all wireless access points on your network. With the advanced software we can diagnose, report and repair most faults within minutes, without having to set foot onsite. This helps you keep your business running smoothly

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