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Mobile & Home Working

Work from anywhere with ease

Fast Solutions With Fantastic Support

Mobile working and home working is fast becoming the way forward for many different businesses. Technology can really help all of us to keep on track, turn projects around quicker and complete tasks sooner. The traditional working from home is a thing of the past, we can now make our work from home services seamless to services offered in the office.

With tools and services such as VPN, VoIP and remote desktop, we can ensure a like-for-like usability as if you were in the office. All of our services are rolled out on a bespoke basis. We look at all the features, facilities and services within your company and plan from there.

Mobile & Home Working Services we offer:

  • LCD Monitor/Computer display sales

  • laptop and desktop computer sales

  • VPN setup and configuration

  • VoIP telephone remote setup

  • Computer setup service

  • Remote support service

Services can be rolled out with ease and speed.

There are a number of different roll out solutions. Postal delivery, home 1-to-1 setup, office drop-off are just a few of the different ways we can get an home workers ready to go.

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